Aeros Trouble

Hi, I’m having trouble with my new Aeros.

The attached photo shows the Edit Song screen.

You can see that all the Count In choices are not visible (is that one on the right 3 bars? 4 bars? Are there any further to the right?)

Also, the screen in the photo does not scroll any further down. I’m looking for the Auto Record, Record Next Track, Change Song Part, etc. but I can’t find them anywhere.

In the device settings screen, the circled question marks on the right are not selectable. Are they supposed to provide help screens?

From the main menu screen, when I press Quick Start Guide, I get a blank screen that says “No images”.

In case it is helpful, I also attach the screen that says my software is up to date.

I can answer some of your questions:

  • UPDATE: Although there are two count-in options in firmware, 2.3.0, this will probably be updated to display 3 options in the next update.
  • The advanced settings have probably not been implemented yet.
  • UPDATE: The contextual help screens have not been uploaded to the firmware yet but a placeholder page will most likely show a link to the AEROS user guide.

Building on this, we’re testing 2.3 internally which should have the fixes for what’s mentioned here. Hold tight and thanks for reaching out!