Aeros un-syncs with Beatbuddy sometimes when I press play after it's stopped

I’ve been performing a solo set with the BB and Aeros and one of the things I like to do is I’ll record some loops live, of a chord progression or whatever play along with it for a few repeats, then press stop on the Aeros so I can play an embellished version by myself that I don’t want the Aeros playing. The issue I’m having is that sometimes, but not always, when I press play on the Aeros to bring it back in, it just starts immediately after I press play rather than being sync’d with the BB (leading to a couple of slightly panicky moments on stage). I notice it does this especially if I press it slightly too early (like just before the middle of the bar before I want it to come back in) but given how fluid some of these shows can be, I don’t want to be thinking about when I’m exactly pressing the Play button on the Aeros. Is there a fix/setting for this? Is there something I should be doing that I’m not?

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This is already fixed internally and will be in the upcoming 4.1.x beta release, thanks for reporting.

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I know the fix is coming, but in the meantime if you have gigs, what I notice in my setup is that the problem only occurs when both the master clock (in your case, BB) and the Aeros start at the same time. If the master clock is allowed to play even 1 quarter note before the Aeros starts, then the feature works every time. (I usually let the master clock play for at least 1 measure before starting the Aeros). Maybe you want to check that out for yourself. I’m not using the BB, but the concept should be the same.

And if it’s not the same, it’s something for the Aeros team to think about when users are running external master clocks that aren’t the BB.

I tried with my helix for a continuous midi clock and it is not safe in a case of electronic music with big arpeggiator, you can not allow yourself to be out of sync … has no light flashing with the tempo, you must lean over and read midi sync ON,