Aeros Volume and other Scroll Wheel uses

Does the master volume control the level of your live (perhaps recording) signal, just the levels of the playback tracks, or both?

That is, can you adjust the mix between live and all the playback tracks … without having to adjust each track’s level individually?

In some Loopers, your live level is the input level (you control it before the looper) … and the volume control in the looper only affects the playback. This works well although it may sound odd.

Also, can the scroll wheel be used to adjust parameters when on a settings screen? That sounds pretty useful and worth giving up direct control of the volume when going deeper into the settings.

IMHO, use of the the touch screen, should always be optional … with the scroll wheel and buttons able to get you around the UI. Touching the screen on a floor unit is awkward.

(The “touch anywhere” as the only way to get back is a short term thing right? Perhaps two buttons pressed together could help.)