Aeros Wi-FI does not see networks

Upgraded to OS 5.1 on the Aeros Gold and the only wi-fi it sees, is some “hidden network” (although even before upgrading, via SD Card, it was the same). So thinking it MIGHT have been my home wi-fi I entered the correct passcode but that did not work, meaning this so-called hidden network was not mine.

No probs, plan B - tried using the hotpsot from my phone (iphone 15) , nope doesn’t see that either. It just continually runs scanning.

So either it cannot see 5g networks (IE only operates on the 2.4 band) or it does not work.

And let me assure you there is NOTHING wrong with either the home wi-fi (and the aeros is about 4 feet away from the router) or the iPhone hotspot!

Mine can sometimes randomly take several minutes to find my home network. I even resorted to logging onto my router to see what devices that can see.

As I’ve only updated or checked for updates twice then I’ve just generally waited
till it gets the signal whilst I’ve been practice looping.

Not a solution directly but my experience.

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If you know how to access your router, check to see if it blocks new devices from connecting.

If you have a neighbor that you’re friends with, ask if you can bring your AEROS to their house and check if it sees any networks from their place. If you can see other networks, then it might be an indicator of an issue with connectivity with your router.

If that’s not it, it’s best to contact SUPPORT@SINGULARSOUND.COM and see if they can help you.

Thanks persist - nah, everything else over the past couple of months (and even a few days ago) all connect fine.

Probs moot anyway, as I am getting a feeling the Aeros is way to much tech for me to be successful at. Been trying it out and can;t quite seem to get anything I am either happy with, or would use live. Not sure how you guys do it hahaha!

Maybe I’m still stuck in “whole song” state of mind?? If you get me.

Hey there,

If you seem to have endless issues with WiFi, please reach out to, they do have a process that seems to have a high success rate if the issue is indeed on the Aeros side

I will say however, there is no real need to use the WiFi on the device other than to update the unit, the WiFi does not affect the looping experience in any way

We hope you change your mind! If you could let me know, what would be the best possible resource you wish we had available already as far as a tutorial or walkthrough?


Thanks Brennan,
I think it’s a case of these are really designed for guitarists, not keys players. I was also thinking of using it to run my backing trax, as it can play WAV files I believe, and i tried that but it seems pretty slow to load a song and get it ready for play. The SD card is a class 10, so is not slow. I’ve searched the net and cannot find anything much re actual tutorials and demos of the Aeros and keyboard players :slight_smile:
So if you have an suggestions on where to find any, I would be most appreciative!


Not sure if we have exactly a tutorial but check out this really cool video!

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Any reason not to post the solution here?

The entire community would gain and SS’s support work would be reduced if more people can self-help.