Aeros with Boss ES8 as MIDI controller

Hi all. Just wired up the audio of my Loop Studio. I basically have the largest Pedaltrain board crammed with goodies. I also have small board with just Aeros, BeatBuddy and Footswitch +.
When using the Singular Sound items I am feeding the Loop Studio with just the audio out of a Boss GT1000 core and ignoring my amp and most of the other effects. I would like to set up a bank of presets (8 presets) to ease the use of the Aeros in 6x6 mode.

Any tips on how I should set the presets up for easily navigating between parts or tracks? I could have 2 banks, one for parts and one for tracks. I don’t have space for a MIDI Maestro.

I have the ES8 MIDI going into the BeatBuddy then going into the Aeros.


Right now midi control on aeros is crap. Not enough commands to do anything worthwhile until they release the firmware for midi expansion which should come after recording time expansion which they said they are working on now so hopefully by May… but who knows anymore.

OK thanks. Sounds like I either go with a basic implementation, or just learn to use the unit, for a while.

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