Aeros - yes or no

Okay, I’m looking for a new looper. My current is Ditto x2, which is just ridiculously bad for serious looping. I was sure I would buy Boss 300 or 505, but the more I look into it, the less I am convinced. Well, then I found Aeros and it seems like exactly the thing I need, but again, the more I read about it, the worse feeling I have towards it. I can tell it is prematurely sold before they solved the basics, BUT then again, I AM willing to wait for it, if it is as functional as it SHOULD be.

So instead of opening another discussion about the faults of Aeros, I would like to hear some good experiences with it from you guys. Is it worth it? Should I get it now and grind my teeth for the next few months or should I wait for a few months and then get it? It does cost a lot of money and I wouldn’t want to be completely disappointed.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Great question. I like it ! As an Aeros owner I’m more than pleased to share positives. There are many. Today I’ll post just one.

When connected with the beatbuddy, they make a terrific team. Set tempo on BB, it will replicate on A. Press the BB pedal once, it will start recording on the A after the intro. Long press BB pedal, it will move the A recording to the next part. Anytime, press the A button to record parallel tracks. Long press again the BB, it will go back to part one. And so on. It has now become a pleasure to work on arpeggios and scales!

There is not a big chance I’ll be using beat buddy, I want to make everything live, but I am looking into MIDI maestro though!

You could use the BB without the outputs hooked up to anything just to get it setting tempo for the Aeros.

That would make for a hell of a pricey metronome :smiley:

I’ve had mine for a few months, now. I’m quite productive on it, even with all of its missing features, but I remain confident that if SS can get all of its promised features and bug fixes ironed out over the next few months, this will be the best looper out there. As to whether or not to get it now or later, don’t know, depends on what your needs are now. I’m glad I got mine early, because it’s given me a lot of time to learn the ins and outs.

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It’s midi clock. If you find a metronome with a midi out, sure, use that. The idea was you’re not recording your drums, but you have something creating a beat that the Aeros will sync to, and giving you a visual feedback, so you’re not recording the sound. I guess I gathered that you already had a Beat Buddy, but just did not intend to use it with your looping rig.

Hehe, no no, you didn’t understand me correctly, I don’t really believe in drum machines :wink: I like to play everything live or have a drummer if needed :slight_smile: I don’t play music that needs drum machine. I might change my mind, but for now I just need a very powerful looper.