Africa By Toto OPBk

Hello All! Looking for this hit. Anyone conquered this mountain.

I thought I had posted it but I guess it was a couple of other Toto songs. Jim Jacobson posted it as an OPB on the old forum however, it doesn’t appear that he re-uploaded the song after the server crashed. If I can find a decent source file, I’ll try to work this one up.

Much thanks! Been a big fan of your work here for some time…thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words. This has been one of my favorite songs and I hesitated doing it since Jim had previously worked it up. I’ve found a good source and will take care of it over the weekend.

Africa.sng (14.0 KB)
In the meantime I found this in my stash.

Many thanks for sharing.

Done in OPBk (two very different versions—v4 and v5) Africa DOP, OPB, OPBk

Awesome job! Many thanks.

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