Africa (piano and Beat Buddy)

A few minor MIDI edits but essentially this is what the Africa setting on the Beat Buddy (w/premium library) sounds like with piano :slight_smile:



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You were playing really great! :slightly_smiling_face: Awesome!
Is this β€œAfrica” from Cover Songs Vol 11?


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Yes. I did add a (very) few MIDI events.

Thank you so much! I’m having a ball with the BB :slight_smile:

It is particularly special when users make the extra effort to share what they are doing with their music and the pedal.

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LOVE this cover. Very well done!

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Thank you so much! My fave thing about the BB is that some of my fave songs are in there, with authentic drum kit sounds and recreations of the actual drum parts to make it as close to having a real drummer as possible.