Afro cuban 6/8 african Rhythms Latin

Hi there, i just want to share 2 afrocuban (afro - cuban , african ) rhythms ,i put them in in one song using Latin drumsetAfro caribean 6-8.sng (1.8 KB) . I hope you can enjoy! . This rhythms respect the clave and traditions in afro cuban music. Kind regards !


Hi, I’m still undecided about purchasing a beatbuddy… do you happen to have a video or sound sample of how the Latin Drumset sounds for cuban stuff, or even any latin staff (Salsa, guaguanco, or even Cumbia)? I’ve been hoping to hear/view some samples of these and how they’re used, but again haven’t heard/seen much for the Latin side.


Hi there! i dont have videos but they are on youtube , this is one preset from latin:

Beatbuddy already have presets for guaguanco, son , and another latin styles, you can create your own rhythms . The latin kit (latin drumset) have a lot of sounds like , congas, timbales , clave , shaker , pendero , guiro, snare , bass drum cymbals etc etc etc, here another video:

This presets come in the beatbuddy already , you speak spanish? im from Mexico! i hope this answer help you to decide ! kind regards

Thanks, I had seen the first video but not the second one. Si, hablo español. Todavia no me decido a comprar un beatbuddy o un sampler (que costaria mas caro). Estoy estudiando la compra todavia.

Gracias por la informacion.

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Hey lockbox, you can download the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) software and try out the beats and drum sets to see what you think.

You’ll also need to download the Default Content Update v2.0 (project with beats and default drum sets).


Thank you, this really helps!

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No sabia que podias bajar el programa! esta buenisimo , bajalo y checalo, ahi puedes escuchar los sonidos y ver como se programa , espero te sirva , abrazo y saludos amigo!

Please post in English so that all users may understand.

“I didn’t know that you could download the program (BBM)—that’s great! Download and check it out. You can listen to the beat sounds and see how it’s programmed. Hope it works for you. A hug and greetings, friend!

This is the best piece of equipment next to your actual instrument you can ever buy. The songs/rhythms are great in and of themselves. But the magic comes when you decide to dive deeper into the capabilities. From mix/matching to actually creating your own beats. It’s all in how much time you want to spend.

Disclaimer: I’ve had mine for several years and used it as is and created some beats myself, but had put it away because life…you know? I just came back to it over the last month and the new midi editor is a lot easier to mess with. So, I’ll finally get around to recreating cumbia/norteno/banda ritmos that should be way closer than anything I’ve ever heard on a drum machine/keyboard.

Get it, you won’t be disappointed.