After changing keys for a OPB song, bass sustains out of control

I exported the midi file for “California Dreaming” (Mamas & Papas) and changed the Bass key down a whole step to Bm then imported the MIDI file. When I play the song with the same drum kit (NP StdPBass 63-91) the bass sustains constantly. If I play the original file in BBManager, it sounds fine. Is there a way to correct the bass after this edit?

Sometimes the Export to MIDI from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) is not very reliable and the exported file gets munged. When this happens, you can try quitting the BBM and then re-launching and trying the Export to MIDI again to see if you can get it edited properly.

The attached file contains

  • A file exported to MIDI (that I hope didn’t get munged) — Song v2 EXPORTED
  • A DAW-edited file (of the above) to transpose the bass minus one step — Song v2 EDITED
  • The resulting BB song — California_Dreamin_EDITED_v2_ (18.0 KB)

ADDED: it also can happen sometimes when you try to edit the file within the BBM with the MIDI Editor.

Perfect Persist… Much appreciated!

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