After electronic drumkit (Thom Yorke style sounds)

Hi all. Pretty new to the Beat Buddy and am finding my way around it all. Is anyone aware of a drum kit with electronic drum sounds similar to what Thom Yorke uses? I see the Singular Sound kits don’t offer any.

Thanks in advance guys.

Check the Resources section on this site. Resources>Drum Sets. There are several eDrum kits - Modern Machines, a couple of Roland kits, Yamaha DD-65, Ambient Drums, Oberheim DMX. If you are interested in an Alesis SR-16 port, all sounds and all patterns, check this out:

Hi Phil Flood. Awesome mate. Thanks for the information. :grinning:

Hi Phil. I noticed on the forums you have created drumsets with bass. This is something I am dead keen on learning. Can you point me to any info on learning how to compile these? I am proficient in using Cubase which I use for all my music but looking at using the BeatBuddy in a live environment so trying some new things.

Cheers mate!

The basics of it are to create or obtain your bass samples. Try to keep them around 1mb or less per note, as the kit only has room for 100mb. You might first try searching in Resources for “roll your own”. I have several sets of bass samples posted there. Then, it is just a matter of editing a kit to open up enough space for the bass notes, and placing the bass notes in the range you want. The popular ranges for BB kits are 0 through 31, and 62 through 91.

I’ll post a second reply with a tutorial on kit editing.