after long pause, unpause plays one silent measure

After leaving it on pause via the footswitch for a long time (like several hours), the next time I hit the pause/unpause switch the BB plays one silent measure before playing back with sound. I can see the bar proceeding across the screen during the silent, first measure, then the sound begins the second time through. This only seems to happen when I leave the unit paused for at least a few hours or overnight.

That’s, indeed, strange.
So you say your BeatBuddy starts playing immediately (without one silent bar) if you un-pause it right away, without waiting several hours?

Hmmm maybe it goes into some sort of sleep mode, possible due to heat? But why leave it on all night…wasting electricity…no one else is going to find this an issue, who in a live setting will be leaving BB in pause for several hours??

This was actually the first thing I thought of, but as BeatBuddy doesn’t run any sort of an operating system, this doesn’t seem legit.

Right, in a situation like a live one, where I’m constantly messing with the BB while playing my instrument, it pauses/unpauses as expected and works totally fine. But I’m now observing that the glitch also happens even after pausing an hour or so. I understand that it’s not a universal disaster, but it seems worth bringing to the dev’s attention. Does anyone want to try reproducing the glitch, say with a 2-hour pause?

Jimmy, I’m with you buddy, I’ll leave mine on pause over-night for you, just tell me what pattern you’re using.

I’ve figured it out. My generation 3 KRK Rokit 5’s have some sort of automute that kicks in after a period of non-use, supposedly 30 minutes. I’ve had generation 2’s for a while that don’t do that so I never suspected this undocumented “feature” in the generation 3’s that I recently bought, but can no longer return. I’m sure the feature is intended to save me from myself in some way, but in reality it sucks because it only ever messes me up and causes me inconvenience. Maybe automute is useful in some situations, but in my situations it’s only ever an annoyance. If I had known, I’d have bought different monitors, which I’m probably going to end up doing if I can’t find a way to defeat this unwanted automuting.