After recording a loop the volume is louder


Sorry but it always does…

I had this problem when i was trying to get a guitar run thru the main in/out and a synth thru the aux in/out. Itwasindeed some issue with mono and stereo signals

Every loop I record gets louder after I record it, so I am just constantly either getting louder and louder to compensate for the increased playback volume of the previous loop, or jumping back and forth into the mixer to turn the last track I recorded down after I record it. I have read all these threads and am at a loss.

I have everything set to stereo, song setting for input are all stereo and all the main Aeros settings are stereo too.
I know it is the Aeros that is doing this because I have another looper and I simply do not have this problem al all.


We’ll look into this, can I ask what’s the source material you’re recording?

I am recording electric guitar, electric bass and vocals.

Same problem, I record true a GT1000 Boss…
Everything is in stereo in the Aeros…
Unmanageable in live sessions, I have to set down 2 bars of volume…

Ok last few questions:
What connections are you using, are you using cable (1/4in) from Aeros Lo Z unbalanced output to Lo Z unbalanced speaker input or to a Hi Z speaker input?
What is your Aeros set to record to, Line in or Instrument Level?
Are you recording into the Main L and R only or using the Aux in, what is connected where?


If you could also tell me about your set up and how you rig the Aeros with the Effects pedal connection wise please and thank you!

Hi Brennan,

Stereo Line out recording from GT1000, stereo main line in recording in Aeros…


Thank you, can you also tell me where does your Aeros route to, what’s your listening source?

I am using an unbalanced 1/4" TS from Aeros output to unbalanced speaker input.
My Aeros is set to record to instrument level.
I am recording into the Main L and R — guitar and bass on the L and vocals on the R.

Thank you!

Some more useful questions:
Are you using Aeros to hear back the live audio (Main Input is set to route to Main Outs) or are you hearing the live audio from a different playback source (Main input is set to route to Neither Aeros Output)? Are the bass and guitar being recorded by one device that is putting all the audio into a mono channel (if you can tell me your devices involve, that would be super helpful)?

If you can let me know that would be good to replicate the case, thank you!

Yes I am using the same Aeros output to hear back the live audio as when Aeros plays it back after recording-- I have no separate playback or monitoring.

Yes, Main Input is set to route to Main Output.

I have no other playback source for instrument either just a tuner pedal, for the guitar and bass, going straight into the left Input. My TC Helicon vocal preamp goes into the right Main input.

I am not splitting the guitar and bass, I have a Neutrik Silent Plug that allows hot-swapping between guitar and bass without any pop or damage to speakers, so I just can just plug between different guitars and bass and I do not use a splitter.

I guess I had not thought that maybe I could route the main inputs to the aux out and then send the aux out to another speaker so that I could hear myself live better, but the only reason to do that would be because every time, after I record anything the volume of the recorded part is louder so I keep playing louder so I can hear myself over the previously recorded parts, or just jump into the mixer and turn it down after recording which is not a great way to be creative, but maybe good practice for live mixing.