again onsong and folders

Following situation: I have the latest firmware version 2.04 on my BB and use onsong, connected via bluetooth midi, to select my songs. And basically it works fine.
85 songs in alphabetic order are in my second BB file folder. “I walk the line” is my 34th song in this folder. So my midi setting is LSB 0, MSB 1, Programm 34. When I select “I walk the line” in onsong my BB jumps to this song. So it works as it should, but… Now comes the “but”…
I have another 36 new songs in the sixth folder of my BB. “Lay down Sally” is the 34th song in this folder, so my midi setting was LSB 0, MSB 5, Programm 34. What happens now is, every time I select this song in onsong it remains in the second folder and selects song 34 of this folder.
Any idea?

Your MSB should be 0. LSB should be 1 for folder 2, and 6 for folder 5. Program should be 33, not 34. 0.1: 33 for I Walk the Line, and 0.5: 33 for Lay Down Sally.

These commands need to be in the header of the lyrics in on song, as follows:

MIDI: 0.1: 33

You song’s header before the lyrics should look something like:

I Walk the Line
Johnny Cash
Key: E
Time: 4/4
Tempo: 110
MIDI: 0.1: 33

Thank you Phil. I don’t write the midi information in the header. If you touch on the title in OnSong it opens up a menue where you can set these informations. They are saved somewhere to the song, but don’t appear in the text.
I solved the problem by doing a reset and new setup of the beatbuddy, which I haven’t done for a long time allthough there were several firmware updates in between.