AirTurn BT200S-4 MIDI Foot Controller


AirTurn recently put out two MIDI Bluetooth controllers, which work perfectly with the iPad. I found the 4 button version the best to control Quantiloop and OnSong, instead of the iRig Blueboard, which I discontinued using because I honestly hated the rubber buttons and how they feel. I was using a Positive Grid BT4 because I like the regular metal buttons, but I was very limited on the functions, at this pedal only supports latching mode, which limits Quantiloop’s capabilities. This AirTurn pedal supports momentary, latching and continuous operation.

This pedal has a rechargeable li-ion battery, it can be charged with a regular 9v plug, connects automatically to the iPad as soon as you turn it on.

I already configured it to work with my Quantiloop and it works like a charm!
I wanted to post a video or pictures but I didn’t have a chance, but I wanted to share this information with you as I know that many people don’t like the blueboard buttons just as me, and this is the perfect replacement and the price is also very (very) reasonable:

I might upload some videos or pictures later, after I’ve been using it for a while, but for now it’s been great in the test environment (living room).

I hope this works for somebody else just as it did for me.

Sorry my request isn’t directly Beatbuddy related, but I have the Beatbuddy integrated in my setup with Quantiloop, and there are others with similar setups on the forum that may be able to help.

I recently purchased the Airturn BT200S-6 (6 buttons). Overall it is a nice MIDI control pedal for the price. One issue I am having though is consistently connecting it with Quantiloop in my setup. I can power up my system and the iPad-Pro recognizes and connects using Bluetooth to the BT200S. But when I start Quantiloop it fails to find it in its Bluetooth search. It just keeps searching.

I have managed to connect at times with Quantiloop but this required dropping the Bluetooth connections, resetting, reconnecting, etc, Not something I wish to do every time I startup my system. When I have succeeded in the BT200S connection it does work really well. Any suggestions regarding the Quantiloop connection part?

Hi guys!

Any progress here?

I recently acquired the Airturn BT-200 S-6 pedal (I’m pretty sure its functionality are almost identical to s2 and s4)

Here is my review after spending with some week.

I was very happy since I was looking long time for a wireless pedal to use as a midi controller to trigger specific commands in Ableton.

IRig blueboard was a very limited product since it only gave ControlChange and PrgmChange signals. And I needed Note .

But I still do have a problem, basically the signal keeps breaking. After I would connect the pedal and set up the right commands in airturn manager, the pedal would indeed work properly.

Only to stop sending signal after say a couple of minutes. I don’t know if that is due to some “pressing mistakes” or something else.

The pedal is still connected, the blue led still blinks as I press a button, but no midi signal arrives to the destination. It has probably nothing to do with the bluetooth connection (as I previously thought), since I tried the other modes (for ex. mode 2) and they work flawlessly, but as I come back to midi it still does not work. Only after some time of “connect-disconnect”, “turn on-off” it suddenly works again, but then shortly after breaks anew.

I use a 15’ macbook pro, late 2016, os x 10.15.4 Catalina.

I double checked the midi signals in both Live Ableton and Max MSP.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Any ideas are much appreciated!

Thanks and Cheers