AKAI LDP8 and BEATBUDDY - Midi Programming

Hi All ,
I want to control my beatbuddy using my controller AKAI LDP8.
In this way i can use my 8 pads to assign beatbuddy function.
Is it possible ?
Is there a way to link directly AKAI LDP8 and beatbuddy ?
I think I need a midi presets manager installed on my pc to control both akai and beatbuddy …
Is it true ?

Thanks to all

The AKAI LDP8 only has USB as it midi connection. It would need to have a 5 pin midi out to be able to control the midi controllable functions of the BB, or to trigger drums in a BB kit. Unless there is some sort of MIDI USB to midi 5 pin adapter box, I don’t know how you could link it. I am not aware of such a device. They may exist, but I have never needed one, so I don’t know where you would find one.

In the event that such a device does exist, you would still need the Beat Buddy midi breakout cable and a 5 pin midi cable.

I can control the beatbuddy using my laptop.With MIDI OX Installed i Can link AKAI LDP8 and BEATBUDDY … and i can use laptop to manage my songbook using my sounds ( piano … rhodes… ) … Thanks All

Excellent! I didn’t realize a laptop was an option you’d consider, but that will solve all of the problems.

Thanks !