Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit / Midi Out to BB

I could not find a single post about electronic drums and BB so hopefully this will be helpful for others.

Manual says:
“Support of External MIDI notes: You can stream MIDI notes into the BeatBuddy from external devices to play on the BeatBuddy’s ultra high quality drum sets. Just connect your external device (such as a computer or electronic drum set) to the BeatBuddy’s MIDI IN cable. This is very useful for when you are composing
beats on your computer and want to hear how it will sound on the BeatBuddy (no need to export the file into the BeatBuddy Manager!). This is also great to use with your electronic drum sets to get the BeatBuddy’s incredible sound instead of the drum set’s lower quality built in sounds.”

My issue is when I connect the cables I can hear sounds coming out of BB to my PA but they are random not sync’d with when I hit the drum pad. Two or three hits on the drum pad there is no sound and then on the fourth hit there will be sound but out of time.

I know its a user issue but I tried almost every midi setting I could. Alesis outputs on channel 10 so I have BB set up to listen on 10…this was the only way I could get sound out but as described above.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

And BTW Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is a sweet entry level kit for 499 CAD. Cheapest kit you can get with Mesh heads. Usually Mesh head kits start at 1.2k. Drum sounds are not the greatest at that price that is why I want to try to use BB so I can use custom samples.

Doing a midi reset on my BB and changing to channel 10 seems to have solved the issue. Very strange. The settings are the same as before I did the reset. I also unplugged the USB in case that had something to do with it…but after everything was working I re-plugged the USB and it still worked. Perhaps a cabling issue.