Alfie re-up - Jazz Standards - Bacharach/David - Dionne Warwick

This was kind of a challenge to arrange. The original just goes through from start to finish. Where can we put a place for leads? Add to that the structure of the thing. Verses 1 and 2 are similar, but two has a different ending and goes right into a very forgettable bridge. Then verse 3 comes in to wrap things up, and has a variant chord structure. Verse 1 felt to me like the best piece to handle playing of leads. Hence, I have structured the piece a little oddly. Verse 1 defines the tune, then we go right into jams on verse 1, after jams, we play out the piece, verse 2, bridge, and the outro verse 3.

Uses Hampton and Mingus kit

includes: .sng, chords and lyrics sheet, midi file

Download Here