Align tracks to record new tracks on ableton parts

I’m hoping someone here has experienced my problem and has a solution. I’m using the Aeros looper to record multiple parts (x 2-3 tracks) into a song (intro, verse. Chorus, bridge, outro). I have no problem soloing the drum track and just hitting “next part” to continue the new part with a change in drums. However, I run into a lot of problems when I go back through to solo the bass track as a “new track” on each part (I want the drums separate from the bass for live mixing purposes). The play button on ableton starts and stops the Aeros, so my only option is to start playing in ableton and try to line up “record” on Aeros. It doesn’t count-in on any of the new tracks, only the very first track on the very first part. How am I supposed to record a pre-recorded bass track, or anything else on top of my drum track on 4-5 song parts? I can’t get it to line up, and I can’t use a metronome on ableton because it will come through the recording. Let me know if anyone has any insight, hopefully maybe an update in the future?? Thanks in advance

Can you use ableton click with headphones on?

Technically yes, but it’s still very hard to get to get it perfectly in time with the Aeros. Also when I hit play in ableton it turns on midi sync in Aeros so it should theoretically be synced up. I think the main problem is that the Aeros is not counting in on any of the following tracks. Aeros, why???