All About That Bass OPB 2018-09-05 - all about that bass OPB

My first uploaded song file for BeatBuddy.

It uses the drumkit: NP StdPBass 63-91

I’ve also the song Wake Me Up - Avicii. But it need work. I think Persist also uploaded Wake Me Up.

I use these songs for practice. I’m still learning the process.


P.S. I have been playing along to this track in BeatBuddy and I think the track is a beat out. The main Bass is triggered on the previous measure’s 4th beat not the next measure on the 1st.

I’ve been waiting until I have a MacBook and use Logic Pro x. As Reaper wasn’t working on my laptop with intermittent crashing!!

NE way I’m on it, and will get back with any changes.


Download Here