All available drums kits list?

Can’t somebody please make a list (or point me to one) of all available drum kits either free or for purchase? Half of the songs I try to download won’t play because i don’t have the right kit. I don’t have a problem buying the kit if necessary. I find myself digging around looking for kits to make song work more than anything. I wish I knew what all was available so I could compare it to my list. Thanks for any input! :slight_smile:

  • For what users have built:
    Some of these kits are derived from the premium kits and the users that built them will share when you can show a receipt. The kits that I’m familiar with are the NP Standard Pro Bass and the NP Vintage Ludwig Bass
  • For premium kits: scroll down to Drum Sets

When posting a song, users are encouraged to identify which kits they used to build a song. Makes it easier on folks that want the song but may not have the kit.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look and keep trying!