All Drums Gone!?!

Okay…I’m not real tech savy. But can someone please help me. I purchased the new Phil Collins drum kit. Okay, so I thought this would be fairly easy to put on my Beat Buddy. After downloading, I figured you just put the new Phil Collins drum kit file over with the Beat Buddy File. Yes, I had my Beat Buddy hooked up to my computer, per usb, and all that stuff. Not only did this not work…all my drums, that were programmed in my Beat Buddy, seem to be gone? Now, when I turn on my Beat Buddy…it has the letter “G” and some other little crazy stuff on there?! I need my drums back!! Looks like I just lost 5 bucks for the Phil Collins drum kit.

You have not lost the Phil Collins kit as you downloaded it, but I assume you did not read the PDF that came with the download and just copied the files to the BeatBuddy SD card directly? If that is so delete the files you copied to the SD card and it should work again.
I assume that when you launch the Software a project loads automatically, if so
read the PDF which was created to avoid issues like this and import the drum set into the BeatBuddy manager software. If you downloaded a song pack - import the folder file.
If you have no project loaded and the SD card is working again, open project from pedal and save the project to your computer. Then follow the instruction above and hopefully you will be good to go.

Hey my friend, thanks. I figured out what I had done wrong. I somehow deleted all the drums from my SD card. I went to the Beat Buddy site…and they have a section where you can reload your SD card. And it is just like when it was shipped. And yes, my Phil Collins drum kit is on there, to use if I wish…whew!! Thank God!!