All night long by Commodores cover with the BeatBuddy. LIVE!

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Awesome. Great work.

Just realized that the song, All Night Long,is by Lionel Richie, the next one I am about to upload is by Commodores. My Bad.

Can u tell me what beat you used? I can’t seem to find anything suitable.


Hi there, you have to use the Pro Standard Drumset & Beats


Hey thanks for the reply! I do have those kits ect, I just can’t match a beat. What actual beat are you using? I bought those kits and I actually do that song before the beatbuddy in my life, I’d like to do it with the pedal. Thanks!!

Hi, I think I made the beat myself for that song.

Oh! Well I would be super stoked if I could get that somehow…any chance?

It sounded amazing, great cover man

Will post it on resources when I get home man. Away at the moment. Will let you know the link as soon as it is up.


That’s awesome. Thank you, it’ll be great to cover that again!

great job!

Song file is up man.
Note: I modified my pro standard drum set. Can’t remember what I did though (something to do with the Hi hat having a machine gun effect and I had to change things around to make it sound natural during the 16th notes hats)
But should play fine on non modded Pro Standard I just personally did not like how the pro standard hats were triggered in that beat.

Here is the link.

Enjoy and have fun!

used it live, went perfect, nice work bro

Nice! I would prefer to hear the beat a little louder in the mix though.