All of my late starting outros are now fixed.

I went through every song I had posted to Resources, and checked the main loops and jams to make sure they start on beat 1. They are all now fixed, as best as I can tell. If there are full songs that I posted in response to a request without posting to Resources, and I can’t recall any, those might still have the issue. If you have one of those, let me know the title, and I’ll find it in my archives and do the fix, and then post it to Resources where it should have been.

I don’t know the exact root of this problem, is it a Logic Pro X, or a Beat Buddy Manager issue? It surely is strange. If I make a midi file in Logic Pro X, and leave any dead time at the end of last measure, BBM is moving that dead time to the start of the measure. What I had to do with every song was to make a note drag out to the end of that last measure. Usually, I just did this with a kick drum, since that does not change the song at all, just the midi. The kick drum is fully decayed way before its written end. I also found that in some instances if I went to the full end of the measure, I still had issues, probably because I was one or two ticks into the next measure. The fix was to shorten the last measure by a minimal amount. Just enough to see that it ended before the start of the next measure, and then have the lengthened note go to that end.

Anyhow, it’s all done now. Lousy way to spend a day, but we have better songs as a result, so that’s a good thing.

Again, my apologies for any problems this may have caused you in using those songs. Please download the updated versions and delete the older versions.

what a hassle for you Phil
btw … I’m getting major mileage out of your Everyday I have the Blues & Born in Chicago.
I rarely play harp in Eb, A,C,D being the most used …so this is a real treat.

Thanks, Phil, for caring.