Allentown - Billy Joel OP request

Anyone have a OP for “Allentown” with Piano

Sorry, but most of the source files for this song are not that good. If you can come up with one, you can send it to me as a private message (PM) and I’ll try to work it up.

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As I don’t create the song from scratch, I depend on using a freely available MIDI source file, which usually contains the data for all of the instruments (drums, bass, piano and etc). I use a DAW (digital audio workstation) to transcribe the song to put it in a format that the BeatBuddy (BB) can use. A MIDI file is different from say an mp3, flac or wmv file. I try to use MIDI source files that are freely available on the Internet (as opposed to the commercially sequenced MIDI files which usually run around $7-10 and in my opinion, may not be worth that price for just a single source file).

Billy Joel - (3.7 KB)

Midi karaoke file. Unzip, change the tag from .kar to ,mid if it refuses to open, although Logic works for me. Guitar part 1 is based on the piano part. Part 2 is the bass. Drums need to be combined. Sax lead should be deleted. Have fun.

Oh, and Allentown is my home town. Lucky Me.


Thanks Phil, I’m in Bethlehem PA!