Allow to change the position of pages in the app (like for buttons or commands)

This would allow to easily chose the starting page on the Midi Maestro (which is 1 by default)

Let’s say, after a while, you notice one of your next pages should be the starting one, you have to rewrite everything.
Changing the position of the page or renumber it would solve this problem.



Hey there, we can see how this would be beneficial but we will not be doing any more major improvements to the current versions. We are focused on getting v2.0.0 done which will vastly improve the data creation and management process. If you feel 2.0.0 is not adequate feel free to re-address the issue!

Thank you for your suggestion!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Would you have a preview of what’s coming in 2.0.0 somewhere ?

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Hey there, not currently but we hope to be able to share soon!

Thank you for your question and your patience!