Allow transitions to be triggered from external foot switch (single press)

it is possible to connect several main drum loops without transition fills in series within a song?


As you know you can’t play multiple loops automatically (link them together) but if you create a new song with just main loops you can transition through them by holding down the pedal and as there is no transition there is no fills.
If that is not your question please provide more information and preferably an example.

Yes i know but i want to remove the transition. For transition i have to hold dowm the pedal and i want to have just one kick like the fills.


That is currently not possible - hold to transition, single press to start and add fills, double click to end. The answer maybe to increase the 500 midi note limit to be able to have a full midi drum track or be able to set a playlist per song. Not sure how many people would find an option for a single press transition useful - how would you then play fills, how about assigning the transition to the external pedal for a single press?

Is it possible?

Hey, 897!
I think what you ask is… perfectly possible!

Just make your song to have as many main song parts as you wish, assign the fills of your choice to all of them but don’t assign transition fill for any one of them!

That way it will work as you wish.
Tap to play fill and stay at this song part, hold to progress to the next song part (without any transition going in). All you will hear is your main song part, then it simply change to the next main song part.

Hello Daefecator,
the same i tried an hour ago. It will work but go to the next song part i still have to hold down the pedal to change (as i do for transition) and this is what i like to prevent.

This is at least a way to realize!

Thank you, Werner

Yes, if there was a change made in the firmware to allow you to trigger transitions from the external foot switch, using a single press.

okay and how can i request this change?


If you want your main parts to be changed automatically without any pedal presses, you can simply merge the two MIDI files into one.
You will need to use an external MIDI editor, open first file, then add all notes from the other to the end of the first file. Repeat the process if you want multiple main song parts merged.
Then use the result MIDI as your new main song part.

The change to make every function available for the footswitch will be great, but I know nothing about any plans to do it any time soon. This will be a great addition, though.

i dont want to merge midi files. Is there a way to email the software designer?


This is now in the feature request section - this is a forum to discuss various things, if you want to talk to someone direct then email or PM David Packouz or BeatBuddy Support or all three - But there is no guarantee that it would be implemented and if it is added as an approved feature request because enough people would find it useful then it will take time implement.

Bump - I’d really love this feature as well. It’s too awkward for me to time a long press on for a transition when I also need to hit a guitar pedal and think about what I’m playing in the next part. Too often I end up not pressing long enough and getting a fill or double tapping and triggering the outro.

I also think being able to assign the “transition” wether it is a main part or an actual transitional part, to a one click function on the secondary pedal is a great idea, allowing the full use of the pedal without having to “hold down” the main pedal, as this requires more concentration, than a singer guitarist may have at that particular moment the press is required.

I would also find this feature very useful. It would make playing live with the pedal easier.

Ditto this request - perhaps additionally support for a 3 button external switch to facilitate it w/o giving up something else. I find the stomp and hold for transition and the double stomp for outros to be the biggest “challenge” in using the BB. Handled already for the outros with the external footswitch setting. Same as that, an external switch setting to single stomp for transitions would be lovely :slight_smile:

I too want a single press Next-Song-Part option on the foot-switch.

What we really need is a firmware upgrade that would allow up a four-to-eight button foot-switch.

Functions could include; 1-4 sound triggers, confetti-cannon trigger, bubble-machine (necessary for playing “Tiny Bubbles”,) Fog-machine Trigger, and let’s not forget instant coffee. A pencil-sharpener on the side (the kind where you rotate the pencil) and an 30-pin doc connector port would also be nifty!

Seriously tho,

Here is an interesting solution that sacrifices neither of the Foot-Switches precious 2 favorite functions:
(L = Pause/Resume or R= Accent Hit.)

A Firmware upgrade that includes the Optional-Function-Configuration-Set:

Single Tap : Triggers Fill
Double Tap: Triggers Transition or Transition Fill when present.
Triple Tap: Triggers Outro Fill
Quadruple Tap: Triggers Stop.
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I am not to sure if midi control issues were sorted out with transitions but with the current firmware 1.85 release midi cc commands can be used to control funtions of the beatbuddy so you should be able to get a midi foot controller (eg Behringer fcb1010) and use that to control the beatbuddy.

Here is a different but related problem; A very simple, yet real problem.

How can I most efficiently execute:

  1. Verse Beat (Part 1)
  2. Pause
  3. Resume with Chorus Beat (Part 2)?

This is needed for Song Titles Like: “Save the Last Dance For Me”, “Purple Rain”, “Chasing Cars” and perhaps “Never Tear us Apart”.