Alternate Footswitch Programability

Wow, I’m surprised that no one has responded to this post. Does everyone actually like the way the pedals are configured? No one thinks that the ability to choose alternate setups would be a big improvement? See below what I posted several weeks ago.

I find that the footswitch control of the beat buddy is a little unconventional and could be improved. What I would like to have is the ability to have one switch assignable to start / stop only with single click for each. Have 2nd switch assigned to fill / and transition if held. 3rd switch for crash / cymbal / ?. With this config, stop is the pause and more natural rather than having two different switches for stopping / pausing the output.

I find the double or triple tap idea very difficult to control while singing and playing. If some people like that and are used to it, fine. Continue to allow for that functionality but I am requesting more flexible programability for the pedals.

What do you think? Any other people out there with me on this?

I have to agree with part of your suggestion. Having to double tap to finish is a pain. Playing guitar, singing, using one foot to change pages for my music and then trying to double stomp at the end - I feel like a one-armed paper hanger!


I support the idea. I think it would be great to extend the possibilities of switches.

Wow, I’m still surprised there is so little response or support from users regarding the foot switch functionality. I think it would make things much easier if we were given greater control of how and which switch does what.

Please Singular, give us a start/stop functionality on the same switch without having to double tap.

I expect that the long-awaited Midi Maestro will extend the possibilities for control of the BeatBuddy… I am currently using a Morningstar MC6 Mkii to control some of my devices (including my Beat Buddy and an HX Stomp)