Alternative to sync

I would like to sync my BB. I can’t because I have a Mac, so I tried exporting a song. That didn’t work so I tried exporting the whole project to the sd card in the BB pedal (I don’t have a card reader on the Mac). That brought up the following message;
Unable to create destination folder /DRUMSETS
What would you like to do?


A good place to start most times is to use the forum’s search function. Using the keyword synchronization would give you several results. Here’s a couple that might help you resolve your issue:

  1. Although you don’t have an external SD card reader, it would probably be money well-spent.
  2. Not knowing what you’ve done to get to this point, I’d recommend you make sure your project is saved in your bbworkspace folder and if it is, delete (not ERASE) the files and folders from your SD card and then follow on with the instructions in 3. and 4.
  3. Newbie Issue. Synchronize Issues
  4. Synchronising Project

Let us know which, if any help.

In case it helps, I was able to get a USB SD card reader for under $10 on Amazon.

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I’m surprised you don’t have a card reader on your iMac. I’m only on my second Mac (got the most recent in May this year) but both mine have. The first (2011 model) it was on the side under the slot for the CD/DVD; the second (2020) has it at the rear by the USB ports. It’s worth searching for just in case.
That said, a USB card reader is a pretty cheap option!

I have a card reader on my Mac and didn’t even know it was the right size. I was plugging my card reader into a USB slot right next to it. Duh. :smile:

i took everyone’s advice and bought an sd card reader. small price to pay (especially after replacing my mac) and all my beatbuddy problems seem to be resolved. i would have paid a lot for that! i have also noticed that “sync project” is no longer greyed out, but maybe i’m just beginning to hallucinate now!
by the way, new mac mini’s, like mine, no longer have a built in card reader. either that or it is very well hidden.

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