Althea - The Grateful Dead (66.3 KB)

Includes: .sng, merged midi, pdf cheat

Uses STAX AcousPiano & 2119 Hammond.

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I am loving these Dead tunes…thanx so much

Thanks - I got started on these, so I’m gonna work through the Garcia/Hunter book. It’ll be a nice long term project.

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I’m good with these too. Thanks a ton! Now just have to figure out how to get them on my BB.

Download, unzip. Find the .sng file. You have to use Beat Buddy Manager (BBM). Optional - Create a new folder in BBM, call it Grateful Dead. Select a song folder in BBM, go to File>Import>Song. That gets the song into BBM. To get the drum kit, do the same thing, but it’s File>Import>Drum Set. Then find the Drum Set in your Drumset list, and click the box in front of the kit’s name.

Once you have the song and drum kit loaded onto BBM, go to File>Synchronize Project, if it is not grayed out. Otherwise, use File>Export Project>To SD card.

Put your SD card in the pedal, and you should be good.

Thanks for the step by step