Always recording mode

this might be a bit of a strange request, but was thinking it would be cool if there was a mode so that the aeros is always recording but not playing back, and then when you hit a switch it starts playback of x specified bars (which would be relative to when you hit the switch, working backward to work out the start point). I think it would take a bit of the thinking out of it, you could playing normally and then if you wanted a section you had just been playing to repeat you could get it with just one click without having to have consciously decided to record a loop before. Think it could be done if there is a constantly recording loop that overwrites itself that is longer than the specified number of bars, so that when someone hits the switch it can go back x specified bars and it would have the audio there to work with. just an idea, think it could add a bit of spontaneity to live looping

Hey there,

Unfortunately, we don’t see ourselves going this route.

Thank you for the creative idea and feedback, however!

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