Am I alone to think Metal beats are unusable?

Ok, I play mainly Black Metal, so it’s totally another playground, but still, those factory double bass metal beats are are really focused on these new generation death core - breakdown fans.
Ok, I admit, you can still try to approach some kind of selected Dying Fetus riffing on it, but still…

Dudes : Metal, it’s not ONLY that. Ok, it can sometimes be fun, but Metal is a huge universe of subgenres. Do not take it wrong, if I had to chose, deathcore would be far from being my ambassador of choice to show what Metal is (if I only had to chose one).

And even, I tried yesterday the first preset, at only 80 BPM, what are these double bass beats? 128th of beats or what? So nonhuman…
–> To me, unusable, humble opinion.
Am I alone to think this?

Unfortunately, you are not alone. But, Singular had to make compromises when making the pedal. The factory beats, are, in my opinion, a demonstration of what the pedal can do. We have seen similar complaints from those looking for Jazz, Country and Latin beats. The universe of drumming is just much wider than that for which Singular could prepare beats.

There are third party midi beat providers who often do a more well rounded job within a genre. GrooveMonkee comes to mind. I found several free metal drum packages just using Google.

So, yes, I absolutely share your frustration.

Hi Phil!
Yes, music is huge. But, seeing the factory library I assume that the BB creators are not exactly metal heads :d Their Blues and Jazz rythms seem more elaborate to me.
I consider the BB itself as a whole product, and the factory ryhtms are part of this…
so as the consequent price of it.Not a negative criticism here for the devs, just an opinion to call for a better version of beats later. Without speaking about the mini version of BB which doesn t allow any update, so no “vitrine” in this.

By the way did you have a chance to try the cathedral drumset?
I also sent you my custom metal drumsets via wetransfer btw, but I think you didn t see it.

I did try out the cathedral kits. The bells sound real good! I have not seen the custom metal kits. Would that just be in my email? I am not familiar with wetransfer.

I found the e-mail. Thank you for that. Unfortunately, in WeTransfer, it now shows as transfer deleted, so I cannot get them.

yes, maybe check your spams. just search for wetransfer in your search bar on your mailbox :wink:

ah. too bad. going to send it again as soon as I have time


Thanks. I’ll be looking for it!

I got them. Thanks again!

Have you tried any of the Groove Monkee beats like this . Sound samples included:

Could one of you please share the Cathedral Drumset that is being referenced here.

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Hi Alex,

My concern is that my only computer is the company and the access doesn t allow me to upload anything on this forum…
I still can send a wetransfer, the same way I shared it with PhilFlood, but still the best thing would be someone to put it in the library here, once for all.

will transfer it from home to my office computer using an usb key when I have a bit of time


I’ll get it posted to Resources.

Cool, thanks Phil.
In the meantime, if you still have my metal drumsets, would you also mind sharing them as well with the BB community?


Will do.