Amazing Metronome Improvement!

Hello, i am new to the forum but have been enjoying my beat buddy for about a year now.

I wanted to request a feature that i couldn’t find requested before regarding the metronome functionality:
I perform rarely, a lot of my time is spent jaming with one of the drum tracks, but MOST of my time is spent practicing either licks, arpeggios, solos, etc. For that i use the metronome in the beat buddy A LOT, a big part of practice (at least for me, and its maybe the most valuable thing i learned at music school) is playing pretty much anything im trying to learn with a metronome starting very slowly and gradually going up in tempo. Im sure many, many others do it that way too, and for that lets say i start at 40bpm, once i master it i go to 41, i play again, then 42, 43, again, 44, etc. until lets say i end up at 140bpm, what bothers me is that i have to bend down to reach my beatbuddy in my pedalboard every time i want to go up by 1 or 2 bpm, for my example from 40 to 140 bpm that means bending over 100 times for every lick/scale/whatever i want to master!

Right now the left remote foot switch stops the metronome (for that you could just double tap the main pedal since you never care about the metronome stoping at a given beat) and the right foot switch does nothing for the metronome, im sure it would be easy to implement an option to use the left foot switch to go up by 1 bpm and the right foot switch up by lets say 5 bpm each time you press it, that way you could set your starting tempo using the rotary knob and then use the remote foot switch to slowly go up tempo during your practice without having to reach down to the pedal to do it hundreds of times each hour of practice.

That would be a simple and yet VERY useful little feature for those of us who take the metronome as a very serious practice tool.
I hope you listen to my request and would love to hear what other users think about my suggestion, thanks for creating such an amazing pedal.

(English is not my native language so please excuse any mistakes)

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You can do it via midi with a bit of electronics

IIRC, you can do this with existing midi commands then program a slider or knob into your controller to increment or decrement the tempo.

Thanks for your responses, i hadn’t seen that video, nice custom pedal.

I am aware of the possibility of using a midi controller to do it, and letting alone the issue of having to spend an extra couple hundred dollars just to do that (because i don´t own a midi controller already and don´t know how to program or use an arduino) It just feels bad to have the two remote foot switches sitting there doing essentially nothing when they could be put to use with ease.

Its like the extra hit that you can currently play by pressing the right foot switch during playback, sure you could do it via midi, but if the button is right there… doing nothing… alone… missing being pressed… waiting for a life purpose…

You could replace the tempo control knob with an ‘option knob’. An option knob is a T bar shaped knob that you can move with your foot,
brings new life to your stomp boxes.

Yea… it would be nice
My dream tempo foot control