American Woman

Just jamming with my BeatBuddy on Sunday night with my arrangement of American Woman…


Cool!!! After listening and watching your clip, I must turn up the Beatbuddy amp volume as it sounds so cool being loud!!!

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Thank you! The volume wasn’t too loud. My iPhone was about 8 feet/ 2.5 meters from a Bose L1 Compact. My guitar goes into my iPad using AmpliTube. It’s set to a Fender 57 Custom Deluxe. The only effect is a slapback echo (139 ms). The signal goes from the iPad into the Beatbuddy, then to the Bose L1.


Thank you for this info!!! I have no one around that I could ask about how we should be doing the recording. I really appreciate it. Will try and do some tweaking once I get a chance!!! ;-)))