Amos Moses - Jerry Reed

I respectfully submit a request for an OPB of this song.

This song just makes me happy.

Jerry Reed was amazing. He kept company with the likes of Chet Atkins, BB King, and Glen Campbell as well as a host of other great musicians of the time.

He loved and payed tribute to some of the best like Jim Croce, and Chuck Berry.

And you can’t forget that he was the musical sounds of Smokey and The Bandit.

Someone please, more Jerry Reed!

Tough one to find a decent a decent MIDI source file for but I’ll see what I can do.

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You are very kind, Persist. Certainly better than I deserve. Thank you once again!

…and it surprises me that pickins for midi sources is slim. This song is so old. So easy. So fun to play and sing. I know I’m not the only Jerry Reed fan.

HAH! You are NOT the only Jerry Reed fan. He’s a true hero of mine. If you love Amos Moses…you MUST know about Ko-Ko Joe - right ??