An idea for footswitch functionality

Sitting here thinking I’d really like to assign them to play specific fills.

I.E. - tap BB pedal = fill 1, tap left footswtich = fill 2, tap right footswitch = fill 3. In my mind it just seems like the added control over what fill tracks your playing could be quite useful as opposed to being forced to alternate between whichever three you have loaded into the track.

And also that it’d be cool to be able to change songs without completely stopping the beat (If this can be done already…my bad I’m new). Quite a few of the stock songs have beats that would work with other songs in that category.

You’ll learn how to edit those stock beats into any combinations you want. There are lots of other good Midi beats available, too. You’re not just stuck with what shipped with the unit.

I’m not unaware of the capabilities of BB playing edited midi tracks.

The main idea of this thread is wanting a bit more control of the fills, which seems like something that could be done with a firmware update.

And being able to edit midi tracks and make my own song lists doesn’t lessen my desire for the ability to switch to another song on the next beat without pause through the BB menu less desirable. :slight_smile:

I keep re-reading this - and please don’t take this as condescending. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything. I’m just in the mindset that workarounds to going from one beat to the next might not necessarily be a necessity if a firmware update is capable of adding the options. Kneeling down to change the beat like I would do to change the sound/settings any other effects pedal all while “the band” is still playing… allowing for a little more wiggle room than a completely predetermined arrangement. Almost the same thing as a live drummer pumping just the kick 4 on the floor, the guitarist jamming a bit, waiting on the bassist to stand back up and signal the next jam. There’s power in keeping a momentum sometimes. :slight_smile: Of course you could work around this with the right Looper, but I don’t see it being impossible to implement into the beatbuddy firmware itself (i could be wrong, but I don’t feel like it yet) , which also open up some functionality with loopers themselves imo… leaving midi-sync in control of keeping your loops in time with the BB, without actually having to loop the BB track.

I.E. - rotate knob to select next song, next pedal tap cues the switch. Perhaps with the option of holding for transition, or just tapping for an immediate switch.

As it stands even if you arrange your own midi tracks - you’re still limited to - beat 1 and 2, 6 fills, 2 transitions intro-outro or without. And it’s awesome that they eliminated the note quantity restrictions… but still… if we could just rotate a knob and go to the next set of 2 beats, 6 fills, 2 transitions +/- intro outro all without having to stop the music entirely, that to me is one huge layer of flexibility that could be completely optional yet beneficial for anyone who would want said function.

If it’s already possible to rotate knob, select song and tap straight into the next beat as it is without stopping the show even briefly… again my apologies for being new to it. And I’m of course talking songs that use the same kit, so loading times hopefully shouldn’t be an issue. Being limited to one kit when doing this doesn’t bother me at all.

I think the BB is probably capable of this with the right instructions, and imo would definitely increase it’s value in a musician’s arsenal.

The more options it can provide… the more reasons people have to own one.

Switching songs is a load time issue, since it switches kits, too. Even if it doesn’t switch a kit, it goes through the load process like it is switching kits, so I imagine that would be a serious reprogramming issue. We have raised that possibility before, as it would also give a way to expand instrumentation, thus overriding the 100mb kit limit. I would guess those issues might be addressed by some future version of the pedal, rather than just a firmware upgrade.

But, if the pedal could recognize that the kit wasn’t being changed, maybe there would be a way to speed or cache the loading of just a song.

Singular has indicated an expanded programmable footswitch is in the works. That would presumably give a means to address the issue of multiple fills or accent hits.

I’m wondering if, perhaps the loading issue could be solved by continuing to play the previous song, and going for a red screen for a measure before it switches, and again - within limits of using the same drumkit. As it stands you CAN change drumkits in the middle of the song and you definitely hear that loading time, but the song is still playing. As soon as you select a new song, and hit the rotary button the song stops and is ready for the pedal command for the intro or to start the song… like it’s ready to go and it starts as soon as you tap. Loading the midi tracks doesn’t seem to make the BB sweat at all like loading the wav files for drum kits do… I’m for getting rid of the option to change kits mid song while the BB keeps trying to play, and giving that ability to the action of selecting new midi notes for the current kit to play.

if song selected, next tap = signal red when song loaded 1 measure before switch. I personally wouldn’t care if it took an extra measure or two for the switch to happen, as long as there was a visible cue when it was about to happen. This still wouldn’t eliminate the kit loading times unless there was some way to pre load the wav files which would come under hardware limitations… But still, being limited to one kit for this purpose doesn’t bother me at all. Again - I’m not sure if that’s possible with the hardware of current models, but just food for thought. Maybe I’ll get lucky and some SingularSound software dev will be like “He’s on to something.”

As far as a programmable footswitch, that seems a little excessive for the control of fills I’m talking about. As it is, the beatbuddy is already programmed to assign commands to the footswitches. Adding the options “Fill 1, Fill 2, Fill 3” to those assignments seems like something that can be done just looking at the footswitch menu as it stands with being able to assign - Pause/accent or main. I’m not saying a programmable footswitch and any functionality it adds is anything I’m against…and may even buy later on, but then i’d be wondering why not just allow that kind of functionality through a midi controller with pads.

Just being able to assign fills to what’s currently available sounds completely possible. Maybe just to me though. I’m under the belief the only limitation to be able to do so with current hardware is the software/firmware needing some code that allows the option of stopping the “Fills cycle” and allowing them to be assigned in a similar manner to accents or pause function.

I’m just intrigued by the “you CAN change drumkits in the middle of a song.” How? I’d like a little tutorial on that, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Start song, rotate middle knob, select kit, press middle knob, kit changes song keeps playing.

(look at the metronome) you “hear” or don’t hear rather silent beats for a few seconds while the kit loads. There’s even a line over the “Drum Set: XXXXXX” indicating the load time of the wav files. And then you can see, that the “DANCE” kit is apparently smaller in size (bits, Kb, Mb, Gb, bytes, KB, MB, GB) not by any number indication or unit of measurement… but because it loads so much faster than the other kits. And then when you go and load a new song, you can see that the midi track loads instantly, but that loading bar is over the drumkit again. And then if you cycle through the “funk” section, or two songs using the same kit, you can see there is no loading time for the kit because it’s already loaded which kind of makes it obvious that the midi notes and the wav files for the kits are loaded seperately, making the feature I’m requesting seem even more possible. Also leading me to the belief that loading the notes is rather instant as I can select a song, and immediately start it with the pedal.

Would you like a video of it as well?
This isn’t possible in BB manager afaik, but it is possible on the pedal itself.

Of course, with the loading times for it, changing the drumkits midsong is a useless feature but yes it is currently possible with the BB and its current firmware. It’s useless due to the loading times, but again if you switch songs using the same drumkit by default, it seems as if it’s ready to go instantly, only you have to tap the thing to start it, and I’d rather the option of it not stopping in the first place. Something you can enable or disable through settings. The only things that seem to take time to load are the drumkits themselves, which make sense as they’re .wav (audio) files which are likely much larger a file size than the lines of midi notes programmed into the songs. Perhaps changing kits midsong could be made not useless by the addition of a forced measure or two repeating the loop using the previous kit while the new kit loads, but again, I think that might be overcomplicating things, where being able to switch a song that seems to load instantly without switching kits seems like a simple enough thing to ask.

So yeah, I do see the feature I’m requesting as something that’s very possible with the effort of the creators and developers into the firmware… perhaps someone just needed to present the idea, but my hope is that SingularSound Devs see this and say “He’s on to something.”.

Now, as I made a feature request, and not a request for an explanation of existing features, are you for or against possibly having said features in the future? And can we leave it at that?

From my perspective, it seems like the only thing stopping either feature I’ve requested is that it needs to be coded into the firmware. Footswitches can already be assigned to certain functions, I think it’d be cool if they added the option to assign them to “fills 1,2, and 3” with an option to disable them from cycling per press.

I also think that it seems very likely, that as long as you’re using the same drumkit, switching songs without stopping playback sounds extremely doable. Again… the load times on that seem instant, unlike the drumkit wav files themselves. With a red screen for instant switch after current measure, or a white screen to play a transition into the next song, after rotating right knob for song and clicking it, triggered by a tap of the pedal once you’ve pressed the button to select the song. Sure, you’d still have to kneel down to switch the song, but if you’re with another musician, they could keep playing, Or at least the beat’s still going or maybe a bassline you’ve looped. Maybe THAT would be a good reason to have a programmable footswitch which adds the functionality to scroll through songs with your feet rather than turning knobs. And then - think about the ease of composing for the beatbuddy with such a feature. You could arrange song after song of 2 measure loops, 1 measure fills and 1 measure transitions and be able to switch to the next “song” on the fly, that you actually wrote as a bridge or verse or chorus or just a musicial MB session of whatever you want to play.

Both of these features, from my point of view as someone who likes to jam rather than play arrangements, would open up an entire world of flexibility with this pedal without hindering anything you’re currently capable of doing with it now, Mr. Phil.

The more the merrier when it comes to options and functionality. The Swiss army knife of beat pedals.

I not against having any features added. This wasn’t meant to be an argument against anything you were proposing, and I’m sorry if you took it that way.

My apologies… I did get a little defensive there. No harm done… if nothing else I feel like I’ve broken down why this seems like something that can efficiently be modeled into a firmware update.

Thanks for your input Phil and i hope you have a great day.