An unexpected error exporting to SD Card

I hope someone may know the answer to this. Never a problem exporting project to my SD card but now I have. iMac 2020. Export “project to SD Card”…select project. Do you want to link the exported project for future sync? Yes…then "Unexpected error occurred while linking project. Project will not be available yet. Use File>Export>Project to SD card instead. OK in a box. I select the OK…and then go through the process over again. You will notice that I already selected “export project to SD Card” at the beginning, I cannot select it again when the error box is displayed because it is dimmed. MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3
The project plays great within BB Mgr but unnable to get it to the SD Card. I could use some help please. Thank you kindly

Are you using the built-in computer slot reader or connecting the pedal via the USB cable method?
Try the following:

  • Make sure the SD card is not locked.
  • Eject the card, reinsert; quit the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and relaunch; try exporting again.
  • If still not working, restart computer and retry to export using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) .
  • Try a different SD card (no need to format the card—just make sure that it’s no larger than 32Gb, class 10 SDHC. Do not use SD card for video camera.

Let us know which if any of these helped. If none, please contact

Thank you for the ideas, I will look at these for sure. I am using the card slot on the rear of the iMac when I export to the card. I have always done it this way.

Hello, something happened when attempting to export a project to the SD Card. So I do have a backup SD Card of the same project, but I do not know how to load it on the iMac…usually I go from the computer to the card. Is there someone that would know the steps to take to put the project that is on the card onto my iMac…it is the same project as the one that got messed up on my iMac. Thanks again,

What I have now, is the project that is from a prior backup showing up in BB Mgr. What I want is for the project that is on my Brothers SD Card to be on my iMac. It is an exact copy of the project I had before it messed up. I do not know how to get the project from the card to show up in BB Mgr. Hope this helps, thank you

  • Insert your brother’s SD card in your SD slot reader
  • BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) - File - Open Project and navigate to the SD card; press Open

You’ll find the user quick start guide to be helpful.

Thanks for your input on this. What I ended up doing was loading my brothers SD Card and saving it for my project. So I actually never did find out the problem, but all good now.
Kind Regards.