Analogue Drums Big Mono - cool general kit

I wanted to try my hand at making a kit with the editor, so I downloaded the free “Big Mono” kit from Analogue Drums:

Below is a link to my result. I had to limit the number of velocities for each - I think the samples are too big to use too many different ones. I like the roomy, easier sound of the kit. The free kit only has two toms, so there might not be as much variation in the fills as you’d like. I matched the mapping to the BB standard kit using the left hand tom hits as one tom, and the right hand as the another. Would love to hear your comments. If you use this, please also go to the Analogue Drums site and download a free copy of the kit - they seem like a cool company, and it’s only right.

Big Mono kit for BeatBuddy:

Wonderful sounding kit, many thanks for making it available, as you say - roomy and open. It sounds like some of the Gretsch kits I remember from the 1970s. The fills are great - many of the fills I have tried in BB seem too busy and the crash cymbals too loud. This is just right!

I just keep coming back to this kit, it is so good!

Just bought my Beat Buddy and i immediately dowloaded this drumkit.Nice,good job,thank you.

Really good this one! Only the Snare could benefit from round robin samples are there any unused samples left in your folder?

Oh I did it no problem! Find the Files and used the “Left Hand Samples” as Round Robin.