Anchoring clock with BB, looper, and voicelive3

new question! I curently use and admire how my BB and Boomerang + side car setup runs so smoothly. I also use a TC HELICON voicelive2 to take care of my vocal processing but then it occured to me that I could maybe use the looper in the tc helicon to lock the master clock from the BB and gain an EXTRA set of loops that I would dedicate specifically to vocals. It would be sick! Guitar loops on Boomerang and vocal loops on the voicelive2.

Unfortunately the voicelive2 could not do this. So enter the Voicelive3 extreme I just bought yesterday

But is anyone doing this? Voicelive 3 plus whatever midi looper plus BB?

I am looking for insiders and hopefully maybe sparked someone else’s curiosity. Sorry in advance if I’ll make tou spend money, or at least think of it.

I also own a voicelive 3 and would love a tutorial as to how can I connect my beatbuddy to it! Please someone help

I plug my BB headphone out into the VL3 Aux port, then connect the BB MIDI out to the VL3 MIDI in.

Guys just so you know I ordered the VL3X and follow the signal Midi chain fromthe BB to the Boomearng III side car to the Boomerang III to the VL3X and surprisingly and after a little settings tweaking they are all in synch. I had been told by people at TcHelicon that I needed a Midi splitter and a Midi delay to send the signal into the VL3X for a correct sync but nope. It all works just fine with all the machines running out of the BB master clock.

Now the VL3X has it’s own looper, but I have set it so that that internal looper is dedicated for looping voices only and the rang takes care of the guitar. Pretty sick!

Do you mean “Slick” ?
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Hehehe you could use than one too. But yeah. It is awesome.

Your age is showing :smiley:

No, I am just another “Monk” that still straightens rugs on the floor, and pictures on the wall. I am not getting old yet and I just turned 74 on October 4. You have to go a long way to catch me. Ha-Ha.
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