And Fools Shine On


“And Fools Shine On” by Brother Cane.

I’ve been doing this one awhile, both in bands and acoustic. Years ago, I played the same clubs as Damon Johnson (lead vocalist and lead guitarist), I created a couple of his band websites (Slave to The System, and The Welfare), and we also played some golf together before he moved to Nashville last year. He’s an awesome friend and musician, but I still have a better golf swing. :lol:

For this to sound correct, you’ll need to download my Rock1 kit that has the bongos ( ), otherwise it’ll play ok, but will be missing those signature bongos.


Hey C. when I try and import the song, I get this error:

Cannot Parse Portable Song Skipping file.

Do you know how to fix that?



Fixed the file in OP. An incorrect version of BBManager was used when exporting that file.


Thanks for fixing that. All my other submitted files are the same, done with BBM 1.3.3. A more accurate description would be “an non-compatible version.” I won’t post any more .sng files until the BBM is at official release status, and not beta. I’m in a “develop for work (gigs)” routine now, and don’t want to risk going back to 1.3.2 and compatibility issues with all the songs I’ve got on the BB SD card, etc. If I had another Windows 7 machine I could load 1.3.2. onto I would, but I don’t.

However, feel free to correct any that I’ve posted if you find time.