And then he kissed me

Hi y’all - looking for The Crystals - “And then he kissed me” with strings and stuff :slight_smile: Can’t seem to get a good version of this going :frowning:

I feel ya. I have a midi and a midi karaoke, but its seem like they are both from the same source file, and it is really a very, very weak version. That said, the audio version I have from Phil Spector “Back to Mono” is not all that great, either. Given time, I could probably derive something from the midi.

That would be fantastic Phil - tried different variation on this and they all sounded pretty poor. Thanks for your help buddy :slight_smile:

I ended up creating it from a chord sheet and using Band-in-A-Box. It’s usable.

Try this one - I’m not sure how accurate it is to the lyric

And The I Kissed Him OPB - Rock & Rick Bass kit

And Then I Kissed Her (A) (2.4 KB)