Android tablet with Yamaha MDBT01 setlist maker and beat buddy

Well this no longer works November 2021… I’m not sure why but some update on my Android affected it… If anybody has a resolution please post it…I finally got the Yamaha Bluetooth to work by downloading Bluetooth MIDI connect to my Android tablet now I am able to pair with BeatBuddy and can see MIDI running in set list maker… As I change songs in my show beats per minute change in my beat buddy which is finally working… But my problem seems to be in the midi presets under program changes… MSB set to 1… LSB set to 1 (which should be folder 1 in BB) … Program set to 2 ( which should be blues 1) … But when I change songs in setlist only the tempo bps changes … Not the song select in the beat buddy … I’m running out of hair to pull out … Can someone give me some light on this issue…

Try MSB set to 0

I did I also went back and changed the numbering under MIDI devices where it gives you the choices for numbering 0 to 127 or 1 to 128 doesn’t make a difference

Set CC#0 to 0
Set CC#32 to 18
Set PC to 1

This should select Rock 2

For blues 1

Set CC#0 to 0
Set CC#32 to 1
Set PC to 0

Where do I try that …… 1st do I leave program changes blank …. In Control Changes or in hex code

Do it in PC, not CC
there is no need to use Hex Codes

Here is solution to a similar problem:

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The problem maybe …
I’m using an Android … iPad Lol It might be what I need to use when I was doing research I did purchase an iPad that was version ISO 9 but when I went to download on song told me I needed version ISO 13 what version iPad do you need for band helper

Here is an example for folder #1, song #5 if you follow the instructions above

All issues are now resolved … The first issue was Bluetooth not connecting which was an Android problem by downloading software Bluetooth connect was able to connect to set list maker… The second issue song select would not change settings in BeatBuddy in both Android and iOS … After reading many reviews and experimenting I found that by setting a code in the hex code area which I found by using MIDI learn accidentally… Now when I said a code in the program change my song select works… By now all my hair has fell out thank you for your time…

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Thanks for posting all this information. I’m going to attempt to get my BB, MIDI Maestro, Aeros, Helix LT, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 connected via MIDI. I have an adapter, but after reading this, I’m hopeful I can do it using Bluetooth!

Since this thread is a few months old, if anyone has any further advice, please feel free to chime in. :slight_smile:


EDIT: I was able to get changes sent by editing the MSB to 0, then messing with the LSB and program until it was on the right song. Woo hoo! I love that I can do this!

Leaving the original message in case it helps someone else. Yes! It is possible to control a BB from a Bluetooth LE Android tablet via the MIDI Maestro!

Dumb question, here. I used MIDI when it first came out in the '80s, but have done nothing with it since then. I currently have my Beat Buddy hooked up to my MIDI Maestro and Aeros via the breakout cable and all of that works fine. I can connect to the MIDI Maestro via Bluetooth LE with my Galaxy Tab S7 and the Bluetooth MIDI Connect app. Should I be able to send commands to the Beat Buddy as long as it’s daisy chained to the Maestro?

I am using BandHelper and would like to send song changes to the Beat Buddy, similar to what @Tyraell posted above. I added the Beat Buddy as a device in BandHelper, created a song preset, and set it to send the MIDI command for the preset on song selection, but it’s not working. I can see the MIDI icon indicate that it’s sending when I select the song, but the BB is not changing.

Do I need to set up something in the Maestro to forward the commands to the Beat Buddy? Or do I have to get an MD-BT01 and connect directly to the Beat Buddy if I want to control it via MIDI?

Thanks for any help.


Hello Jim. Mayb you can help me… I have an android tablet and use mobilsheet , which is similar to your software… you confirm you can use bluetooth with beatbuddy? I need a bluetooth connection as my tablet doesn t charge and send midi at the same time… thanks!