Angry Eyes (DOP, OPB OPGh(guitar and brass), OPBgh in D) 2018-01-08 - Kenny Loggins

This is the single version, which on the CD runs for 2:29. If you are familiar with the longer 7 minute plus album version, this is different in that it eliminates most of the long jam after verse 2. Also, the coda is made into a bridge, and then repeated again as a true coda. The structure is as follows:

Intro - drum count in and then 8 bar instrumental intro

Verse 1, and short chorus 1

Verse 2, and full chorus

Original coda

Instrumental intro repeat

Verse 3, and full chorus

Instrumental coda

Uses STAX Tele and Brass

Incldues: 4 .sng files and corresponding midi parts, chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

Download Here