Another dumb question

why do most of the user generated songs i import have the main song loop in the intro fill slot? Is there some benefit to doing it that way vs. putting it in part 1 main loop? i guess since these are one part backing track style songs maybe it doesn’t matter but just wondering if i am missing something.

Different users have different needs and expectations. Here’s mine:

  • Main body of song in the Intro because I use a looper and I want to tap once on the BeatBuddy to start both the BeatBuddy and the looper in sync.
  • Intro only requires a single tap on the pedal and plays all the way through once and then advances to the Main loop, which is silent. When I double-tap, the pedal advances to the Outro which is also silent and then stops the song, ready to select and start another song.
  • For users that don’t use a looper, the main body of the song could just as easily be in either the Intro or the Outro. If in the Outro position though, it takes double-tapping the pedal to start the song.
  • There are pedal firmware settings that can change the pedal’s start behavior.
  • If the song is in the Main Drums Loop, then the song will loop constantly until the user interacts with the pedal to advance it to a transition, fill or Outro.

Ok very helpful, thank you. How do you link the BB control to the looper to start both in sync?

Also is there an easy way to stop a song in the middle (not pause) without triple tapping on the pedal? Because unless I’m missing something, when I pause it and want to stop/ restart or move to the next song I need to triple tap. inevitably
triple tapping starts the beat again briefly.

Seems like if you pause and hold the pause pedal it should stop the song. Then you could use the pedals to restart the song or select another song.

  1. There are several threads on the the forum dealing with synchronizing the two. Since I use an Infinity, you can search on that term.

  2. If you have a remote foot switch connected to your pedal, you can adjust the settings to pause and unpause a song with a single press. The unpause, in my opinion, is hinky in that for one-press songs, it starts the song over from the beginning. Not necessarily what I want. You can also set it up to move forward or backward for songs or folders.