Another Newbie – Part II MIDI/OPB

I’ve finally managed to load and play my first OPBk track. Phil_Flood’s Ripple .
This has taken me days. Happy to pass on my “learnings” to others………

  1. Bass & Keys would not play in BB Manager (only the drum kit plays): I eventually spotted that there was * beside the STAX 4 Octave Piano & Strings in the Default Drumset. I believe that means … “ that you do not currently have that drum set available in your project”. But it is, and it is ticked as active. I reset the Default Drumset as anything else then changed it back to the STAX 4 Octave Piano & Strings and I now have Drums, Bass and Keys playing in BB Manager.

  2. After Synchronizing the Project onto SD card, NO audio would play out of my BB Pedal. I had “Count In” enabled. Same would have happened with Intro Disabled. The Song gets loaded into the Intro Fill so Intros need to be Enabled on the Pedal.

What sort of sound quality should we expect from the Piano on this track? The Bass sounds just fine. The individual Piano notes sound ok in Drumset Maker but when playing in the song they sound a bit like a 70’s kids toy electronic keyboard. Is this just how this song is or is it the limitations of the machine?

Re: the piano. It’s mostly how it is. The BB does not process midi notes like a synthesizer, with Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (ADSR) algorithms. This is most apparent on the sustain and release. When a midi note off is reached, the note ends, period, end of story. Some kits sound better than others. It’s how it is.

But wait …another problem has cropped up: I cannot stop the song on the BB Pedal. One click does nothing; two or three clicks return the song to the start. The only way to stop the track seems to be to pause t with the FootSwitch then double click the pedal.

There is a pedal setting to enable a triple click panic stop. Otherwise, once the song plays, I.e., it is finished with the “intro,” the song then enter the null main loop, where it remains until you end it. You can double click, or you can have the footswitch set for “outro” in the “while playing” mode.