Another Newbie - Questions Pt1

I’ve owned my BB for a few months, only using it as “out of the box” for practice. I’m now wanting to move forward by editing Drumsets; Importing new Songs; Utilizing Bass & keyboard parts etc.

Please add to, replace or suggest on any of the below to save other Newbies time in figuring these out:
Abbreviations & File extensions:
OPB = One Press Bass
OPBk One Press Bass and Keys
OPk = One Press Keys
DOP = ??

.pbf Portable Folder File = selection of beats/songs. Use : File > Import > Folder
.sng single Song file Use : File > Import > Song
.drm = Drum Set file Use : File > Import > Drum Set
.mid = MIDI file
.kar (comes with some downloads) ??

I want to modify an existing Drumset, let’s say Rock, without damaging the original Rock set. I do a Drumsets> Save Drumset As I give it a newname Save. A new Drumset appears in the list on the left pane. Problem is it is called Rock (1). To change the name in the Drumset list I need to open the Rock (1) set and change the name from Rock just beneath “Drumset Maker”. Then Drumsets> Save Drumsets.
Is there a quicker/easier way to get the correct Drumset name in the list?

I have basic MIDI questions to come …one step at a time.
Thank you

The forum has existed in one form or another for several years now and has accumulated quite a bit of knowledge and experience posted by users. Most of the time you can find the answer to a question by searching. It will take a little patience and some clever search strings to find the answer, but it’s probably already been posted. For example, searching on “acronyms” eventually leads you to Is there a guide to what OBPks and all those other Acronyms stand for listed anywhere?

If you’ve searched already and could not find an answer to what you were looking for, then by all means, users will pitch in to try and answer your questions.

.kar files are midi karaoke files. It’s a midi file with a lyrics track. If you trouble have opening them, you can change the tag to .mid, and it will open with anything that opens midi files. I do have a tutorial on changing drum kit names posted somewhere. If you can’t find it, let me know. Essentially, you are doing it right. After you change the name in the Drumset maker window, use the Save As and save the kit with the new name somewhere. Then import the kit with the new name. This preserves the old kit and lets you bring in the edited one with the new name.


Perfect. Thank you.
Acronyms & file extensions sorted. Drumset tutorials found.
Jonathon’s 3 Drum Set Tutorial Videos at :

I also tracked down the BB Manager Software manual at :

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@Brian_G Keep in mind that Jonathan Aldridge’s YouTube tutorials are for an older version of our software, I believe it is version 1.33. We are up to 1.64/5 now. So some of the things he does in those videos may not be relevant anymore.

Here are the video tutorials for the current version of the BBManager: BBManager (1.64+) Video Tutorials!

I also tracked down the BB Manager Software manual at :

What you linked is the drum maker manual which covers drumsets, but it is not the general software manual. You can find the full software manual here:

It also covers the definition of the most common abbreviations used here on the forum in part 2.

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