Another original piece - "The Ballad of DADGAD"

This song is based on an acoustic demo I recorded in 2017 called, “Extra Light.” That video got a good number of views (for one of my songs), so I figured there might be something to it. I had to re-learn it, of course, since I had totally forgotten what weird DADGAD chords I came up with for it. I added a BeatBuddy drum track to this version and came up with a bass part, as well.

I used the “Ballad 9 -16th” BeatBuddy song for the drum track, set to 90 BPM.

The Martin is obviously in DADGAD tuning. The Rickenbacker bass is in Drop D tuning.

I still may not be done with this song…I’m thinking of adding an electric lead or at least some flourishes using my Strat. We’ll just have to see how it sounds.

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Love the alternate tuning. The recording was really nicely done.

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Thanks, man!

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