Another sw tool for editing / synchronizing?

dear people,

i have a hard time with the BB Manager on my mac. Is there another easy-to-use software to edit the midi notes and synchronize the project files to the pedal? Any recommendations? Don’t need to be freeware if it’s working fine.

Thank you

I use Reaper’s MIDI editor. Works fine. The one that’s included with BBM is not a Singular product but something a user pulled together and offered up as a free add-on by a BB user (which was darned nice of him!). But it’s not really a commercial-level product.

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As JoeInOttawa suggests, Reaper (trial ware). Good price if you decide to use. Kind of a PC-like interface.

For a solid Mac interface, Logic Pro X. I think they might still offer a 30-day trial. Expensive.

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Thank you. Forgot to mention i’m a Logic Pro X user since 2013. Checked it already and found the workaround with the BB Manager a bit uncomfortable.

But i will check again and also find some tut’s on youtube.

Thanks again

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I use Logic Pro all the time. If you are having trouble with just drum parts, with no bass or keyboards, I would guess it is due to the mapping and sound differences between Logic’s kits and the Beat Buddy kits. If this is the case, you might consider getting one or more of Goran Grooves Handy Drums:

These are made by Goran, who made the kits for the BB stock content. They are plugin instruments which work in Logic or other DAWS, and, essentially have the same structure as the matching BB kits. If you edit drums using these, export the midi file from Logic, and then use the matching kit in the BB, it should sound very close to beat you made in Logic.

On the other hand, if your issue is with the difficulty in using Logic to edit kits with bass and keyboards, then, yes, you will just need to work through the tutorials and learn with experience. It does get easier over time.


Thank you @Phil_Flood. I will check Handy Drums. It looks great.

I just thought there is a tool where i can edit (just) drums and check it on the manager/pedal immediately. On the fly.

Or I’ve just misunderstood how it works so far. I will re-examine and research all of this.

Thanks again everybody. :slight_smile:

I use Reaper if I want to extend parts, but I’m on PC. I’m one of the few who love BB Manager. Weirdly Audacity has proved very useful when adding new instruments to drum sets

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I don’t use BB Manager to edit cos it’s garbage.
I use Logic Pro to program a drum and then export midi files to BBM.

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If you went with a DAW or other 3rd party software, the piano roll is what the beat buddy manager is…so why complicate it? You can add drum parts, set velocities…timing etc…on what you have…do you need more?

I use Logic Pro X as a MIDI editor. Simply open your MIDI file in Logic Pro X, double-click on the MIDI region, and another screen will pop up showing a note editor. When you’re done editing, export it as a .mid file, and then import the .mid into your song on BeatBuddy Manager.

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Thank you @Lanny_Fisher. Will try this.