Any BeatBuddy Programmers for hire?

Looking for a reggae BB programmer.Can send youtube links or MP3’s. Will donate to your favorite cause.Let me know .Thanks.

My favorite cause is me.

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You made Moises and I chuckle with this one

Thanks. I mean, if ask you for someone for “hire” don’t offer to pay nothing. If you’re serious about hiring, make a serious offer. It’s like venues offering musicians to play “for the exposure” and then trying to control the set list.

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Or booking you under the condition that you have to bring X people to their crappy bar that night. I feel like you’re basically forcing your friends and family to pay for your gig in those instances…

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I was hoping someone would get the idea.Yes ,whatever the rate would be per song,minutes, hours involved, etc. Either I agree or find some one else.Thanks for the reply.

So, what do you want? I like doing reggae, but, what do you need.

There is no reliably easy and accurate method to convert mp3 to MIDI format. Although some users are able to convert the drums portion of mp3 files to a MIDI drum track, it’s a tedious process. If you’re able to provide the MIDI source files for your custom songs, feel free to contact me via private message.

I suspect that the scope of your work will require somebody to sequence (convert your songs into MIDI files which makes it easier to transcribe into the BeatBuddy format). Many of the experienced users on the forum can easily transcribe the MIDI files but sequencing usually involves skills and hardware that most BB users don’t have.

Hi Phil, I have Beatbuddy . Just loaded Quantiloop into my ipad a day ago.I am learning how to use preset loops constructed in a intro,verse,chorus, solo and outro, using the serial mode in Quantiloop. I have some music programmers doing the songs for me . So far I have three. I know it is not the purist form of looping but I am embracing this technology and along with the BeatBuddy create a live feel. I am happy with the reggae beats in BB but I would like to custom edit the intro’s so they all don’t have the same intro.Nothing fancy.I don’t think there has to be any mp3 to midi.Just the tempo and maybe some xtra reggae fills. I don’t need the whole song custom made just changing the intros to already existing beats. Am I explaining it correctly ? I have click tracks from each song if necessary and drum tracks too and full song.I am not going to use them ,I want to have all my beats with the BB.Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks.

The simplest thing to do would be to replace the intro with one of the existing fills or transitions. All parts of a Beat Buddy song are midi files, except for the accent hits, which are wav files. The individual midi parts can be exported and then reimported into different locations. Using a fill or transition for an intro would be a great way to add some variety to the songs.

Great .That will be the first thing I learn how to do .Thanks for the advice.

Got it !