Any beats to ABBA Songs?

Hi all,

Anyone have beats for ABBA songs, Dancing Queen, SOS and Mamma Mia?
Greatly appreciated.

Hey pbapam - this is the only one of ABBA I have on my list - I cut back on the intro a few bars. I’ll also be re - visiting this soon to update the main beat as it keeps getting requested at our gigs.

I keep my pedal pressed for the bass line at the middle 8th! Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Does_your_mother_know.sng (2.5 KB)

Thanks Big Bob. Unfortunately I don’t have the software or expertise to produce beats so I am very very grateful for what you guys can do and provide for us on the forum.

You’re welcome:guitar:

Here’s links to S.O.S and Dancing Queen:

Hi persist. Thanks again for the recent beats. They work well.
On another note, I have downloaded your beat for ‘I Got The Music in Me’ and whilst v3 with STAX works well, v1 and v2 which indicate to use NPStdPBass 63-91 do not seem to have the bass run playing.
Am i doing something wrong or is there a setting I should be looking more closely at? I only want the drums and bass. I guess I could use the midi editor to remove all other instruments if need be.


I’ll take a look at it. Very possible I could have done something wrong.